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Who We Are & What Makes Us Different?

We have a different approach when compared to other childcare providers. We put a strong prominence on getting to know your child and their conditions through conversations with parents and our unique educational assessments.

This enables us, through our selected team of talented and highly qualified tutors, to offer advice, bespoke planning and individual and group teaching, to enable your child to reach their full potential.

What We Offer?

We work with children from different ages – whatever their academic ability and whatever their goals are.

Professionalism, integrity and an intense commitment to providing the best possible service underscores everything we do. Let us know how we can help you.



  • Primary English and Maths (KS1 SATS)
  • KS2 / KS3 (English, Maths, Science, KS2 SATS)
  • 11 plus preparation
  •  A-Level
  • Exam Preparation, Revision Courses
  • Crash Courses (Easter, Half-Term, Christmas & New Year holidays)

Other additional facilities

·         Basketball

·         Football

·         Board games

·          Art / Painting

·         Children are also welcome to bring their own games

How to Enroll?

Contact Us by Email/Phone Call or Visit us now to enroll your child.

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Contact Details

Office Address: West London Free School, Franklin House, 2 Bridge Avenue, London UK, W6 9JP.

Phone Numbers: 07511101751